Acupuncture treatment is effective for

•Arthritis· Pain management· Headaches· Migraines
•Gastrointestinal disorders· Repetitive work related injuries
•Sleep and emotional imbalances
•Improving sports performance

Initial consultation & treatment- $135
1/2 hour treatment- $75
1 hour treatment - $105
Prices include GST

Pakage Deals Available

Matthew V. Kupnicki R. Ac. C.SMA



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1576 Imperial Lane
Hours Thursday 9:30-8

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4711 Elizabeth St
Port Alberni 
 Hours  Mondays 9-5 Tuesday 9-7:30
Wednesday 9-5  9:30-8  Friday 9-2:30 

Matt Kupnicki-R.Ac, C.SMA(Registered Acupuncturist)
(Sport Medicine Acupuncture Certified)

Matt received a Diploma of Acupuncture from the CCAOM in 2004, since then he has specialized in musculoskeletal injuries and internal medicine. Combining orthopedic assessment with motor point acupuncture and deep tissue massage techniques, Matt takes a hands-on approach to healing, drawing on the holistic perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Matt has also undertaken additional training with Matt Callison and is a Certified Sports Medicine Practitioner (CSMA). For 7 years Matt had the pleasure of teaching a Sports and Trauma course in Victoria BC, at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Over the past decade his practice has grown to include fertility and woman's health as well as into the treatment of children using a needless Japanese style called shonishin. He loves all of what the Westcoast has to offer and is currently practicing in Port Alberni and Ucluelet BC.


This method of treatment has been in existence for over 3000 years and hasproven to be effective in the treatment of many ailments from muscular pain to mental and emotional disorders. TCM treatment modalities include acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Gua Sha, Tui Na massage and dietary advice.
30 minute treatment $70
60 minute treatment $100
90 minute (initial consultation & treatment) $130
Package of 5 treatments $475
Package of 10 treatments $900
Stop Smoking and Weight-loss packages available upon individuals needs.

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Rain in Motion
Jill Neilson Registered Shiatsu Therapist 250-522-0240

We are located In The Village Square & Behind Ukee Dogs
1576 Imperial Lane, Ucluelet  
Seaside Shiatsu Massage: $75 for 60min or $100 for 90 min
A Japanese technique using pressure and trigger point therapy. It works alongside our complex nervous and circulatory systems. This style is a gentle approach to a very functional and deep therapy. It incorporates stretching, promoting better posture and encouraging energy flow throughout the entire body.

Rainforest Relaxation Massage:

$75 for 60 min or $100 for 90 min
A gentle to moderate head to toe massage with lots of flow, helping to flush out the muscles. A great first time massage!!
Deep Seaweed Massage:
$75 for 60 min or $100 for 90min
A more invigorating technique oriented to any specific muscle groups or localized tension within the body.
bothersome areas.
Pampering Pregnancy Massage:
$75 for 60min or $100 for 90min
A rejuvenating whole body treatment for the mother’s to soon be! Starting with warm stones massaged into the upper body. With focus on hips, lower torso, legs and feet.
Signature Stormy Surf Treatment:
$105 for 90min
A local inspired whole body treatment! Starting with Pacific Ocean tumbled warm stones massaged into your back, neck, and shoulders. You can choose any of the above massage styles with a special aroma oil blend. The treatment is concluded with a exfoliating foot massage.
A firm to deep pressure will be used to effectively release the musculature.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). So much more than acupuncture!

At the heart of TCM lies the understanding that one’s health is perceived by the harmonious interactions within themselves and their outside world. Disease (muscular or internal) would be interpreted as a disharmony within this interaction. Through my TCM Diagnosis of one’s pulse, palpation and inspection of the tongue, I decipher between the branch and root patterns of disharmony. There are 8 main limbs of TCM which when applied will balance the yin and yang of the body and regulate one’s Qi (life force) and Xue (blood/body fluids).
The 8 limbs are:
1. Qi gong (life energy cultivation) - a form of exercise and meditation to promote, cultivate and balance one’s Qi
2. Meditation - the quite inwardly direction of one’s thoughts and feelings to promote stress relief and wellbeing
3. Cupping - using fire to create a partial vacuum within a glass cup, the skin and tissue are gently pulled up to create a ‘reverse-pressure massage’
4. Gua Sha (to scrap away fever) - using a jade stone and stroking the skin will produce red petechiae called “sha”, this will remove blood stagnation
5. Tui Na (push and grasp) - using massage techniques in which brush, knead, roll/press and traction within the joints and soft tissues of the body
6. Moxibustion (burning of mugwort) - the process of burning this herb will produce warmth and tonify the yang of the body
7. Acupuncture - the insertion of a thin sterilized stainless steel needle into the body at specific points along the meridian pathways of the body to help regulate the Qi and Xue.
8. Chinese Herb and Food Therapy - “Food is medicine and medicine is food” looking at the energetics and thermal quality of food can help the body restore balance

Matt Kupnicki is a Register Acupuncturist who is Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certified (SMAC) and has been practicing on the west coast since 2004.
For more information visit or call 250.266.0232

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